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Working on a Cuphead MOD

Posted by Aled1918 - December 7th, 2018

I'm not sure to post this here, but I'm postin' it anyway.

I'm here to announce something I was working since March (I don't remember) a MOD for Cuphead I'm working on called "Cabeza de pij*" or in English translation will be "C*ck head" and no it's not what you're thinking I am not replacing Cuphead and Mugman heads with d*cks, it's something very different of that, "Cock head" it's a modification of every single thing of the game, and when I mean everything, different main characters, different bosses, different music, sounds, voices, etc.

Err... I don't know what else to say, let's go for the FAQ:

-What is this?
"CH" is an entire modification of the game "Cuphead" with new E V R Y T H I N G.

-Release date?
I don't know either.

-How many people is working on this?
Mainly is just me, but I got some friends who are going to help with back grounds and some character designs.

-I want to help, can I help?

-The animation is inconsistent it looks ugly.
Yeah I know, I will fix that.

-What programs do you use?
Adobe Animate CC,Paint . net, UnityEX, FMOD Designer and Sony Vegas Pro 13.0.

-I like this (yeah right) could you post sketches please?
Sorry my scanner is not working right now but don't worry I'll include the sketches on the bonus content.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I'll include a few bonus contenet that willinclude sketches for character designs, mini comics that I can't put it on the game by the limitations of the game itself or who knows if I'm in the mood I could animate those bonus scenes, and the music of the game (But I will include only the music that is for free to download, if you want the other music you have to buy the album of the actual authors).

-You said I can help, with what I can help?
Backgrounds mainly, or if you want to suggest me some music for a boss you can send it to me.

-So, what is the new story about?
Aled (or at least my OC) dies by a car accident and goes to heaven, but he wasn't that good, so he can't see the face of God, so to avoid hell he steals Jesus halo to resurrect, Jesus and God get pissed off and to recuperate Jesus's halo, they send various Saints and another religious stuf(Catholic, Christian and Mormon figures) to kill Aledand recuperate the halo, but not only Saints is what you're going toface in this MOD, you're going to fight with zombies and religious fanatics to, why? you will see it in the bouns contenet.

-I want to play a little demo please.
When I finish all the sprites of Cuphead and Mugman I'll submit them so you can play with them.

-Ok, so, what is missing of the Cuphead sprites?
Just the plane sprites, the third super art sprites, and the Whetstone charm

-And Mugman?

Well, if you have another question (or something to say) leave it in the coments

-Wait wait wait, will you post updates?
Only if is a big new (or maybe not).

Here, have some videos:




Well, see ya later.


If you want more information and updates visit the game banana page:



Or the Amino wiki (spanish):



Or simply send me a PM or something.


Comments (1)

That's actually pretty cool! I admit it has now gotten me to want to buy the game in general.

P.S. your animation is also top-notch and spot on. Great stuff! :D

You should, it's very funny, beautiful and challenging.
Thank you very much :D :) .