Entry #156

Bunch of new stuff in YT + YT Update...

2016-11-30 19:27:18 by Aled1918

+ a not very special announcement
I forgot to anounce aaaaall the videos that I uploaded in YT they're a few well here we go.

[ANIMACIÓN] HeadShot (2014) 


[STREAM] Animando la sopa :v


[ANIMACIÓN] Halloween Collab 


[MÚSICA] Aled Company OST - Max 


[MÚSICA] Aled Company OST - Alto ahí loca 


[ANIMACIÓN] I'm at soup ! 


[SPAM] El Guillermo ardido xD 


[PUBLICIDAD] Nuevo video en el canal de Mr. fronter 


[PUBLICIDAD] Nuevo vídeo en el canal de Eddy.


Now the YT updates.

1. You may noticed that the videos have the "[]" stuff, well that's how I will put the tittles now, that you can idetify easyer my videos.


2. the FNAFHS RANT 2 review is cancelled... why? it doesn't worth throw more shit to that shitty serie more than it have all ready


[FNAFHS RANT 2 cancelado (GIF) by Aled1918]

3. Now I'll publish the other members of AC videos in a short "To be continued" video instead of upload the entier video, well if they request me to upload the entire video I will upload it. 

Now, the not so special announcement

Really it isn't very special at all if you saw the video "[SPAM] El Guillermo ardido xD" I said that he had very shitty ideas and guess what I HAVE HIS STOARYBOOAARDS!!!!  [Boogie!]  , I'm thinking of upload it here on twitter so can enjoy a lot of shitty stories (and maybe here too), or make a video narrating that. So yeah, I humiliate him onec I can make it again  :3

So that's all.
See you later  
[Aled H.]


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2016-11-30 20:07:42

I love your page!!! :D It's either you're genius or you're just born to do what you do! Keep up the great work, man!! I'll be a common viewer! :D Hey, if you want to sometime you can checkout some of my comedy arts.