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I am not ded...

2017-09-27 21:38:21 by Aled1918

And here is the proof

Here ya go

2017-06-26 01:15:30 by Aled1918

English subs not available

+ a not very special announcement
I forgot to anounce aaaaall the videos that I uploaded in YT they're a few well here we go.

[ANIMACIÓN] HeadShot (2014)

[STREAM] Animando la sopa :v

[ANIMACIÓN] Halloween Collab

[MÚSICA] Aled Company OST - Max

[MÚSICA] Aled Company OST - Alto ahí loca

[ANIMACIÓN] I'm at soup !

[SPAM] El Guillermo ardido xD

[PUBLICIDAD] Nuevo video en el canal de Mr. fronter

[PUBLICIDAD] Nuevo vídeo en el canal de Eddy.

Now the YT updates.

1. You may noticed that the videos have the "[]" stuff, well that's how I will put the tittles now, that you can idetify easyer my videos.


2. the FNAFHS RANT 2 review is cancelled... why? it doesn't worth throw more shit to that shitty serie more than it have all ready


[FNAFHS RANT 2 cancelado (GIF) by Aled1918]

3. Now I'll publish the other members of AC videos in a short "To be continued" video instead of upload the entier video, well if they request me to upload the entire video I will upload it. 

Now, the not so special announcement

Really it isn't very special at all if you saw the video "[SPAM] El Guillermo ardido xD" I said that he had very shitty ideas and guess what I HAVE HIS STOARYBOOAARDS!!!!  [Boogie!]  , I'm thinking of upload it here on twitter so can enjoy a lot of shitty stories (and maybe here too), or make a video narrating that. So yeah, I humiliate him onec I can make it again  :3

So that's all.
See you later  
[Aled H.]

New animation.

2016-11-14 02:33:24 by Aled1918


112 subs special announcment

2016-09-24 02:09:27 by Aled1918

Well actually 115 thank you so much for your support in YT  :D . Well this is the thing I'll make a special video you put your questions and we'll respond it, you can ask to:











Mr fronter


So what are you waiting for?
Drop da' questions you have till 26/10/this year

Oh yes and Mondra says if some one can make him a fan art :v
See you 
[Aled H.]

Happy Madness Day 2016

2016-09-22 02:46:28 by Aled1918

Here my thing of this day :v

3887378_147452676473_MCGorillaz.pngHappy Madness day bye :v /
[Aled H.]

Not ded just busy :v

2016-08-26 03:11:57 by Aled1918

So this is like a kind update 

Well I had 2 weeks of vacations next week I'll be back to school :'v but in this time I have been working in 2 animations, well 3 actually

Undertaled (Aled Boss battle)

Inspired in sans battle and a little randomess of mine im improving this :v

Watch a preview here (Spanish)


One T feat. Cool T Magic key (Digital)
Pleas don't kill me by doing this :'v

The original was animated in traditional animation I think to make it in flash animation
Also a preview here:



Yup that shitty teenagers with serious problems and Edd00chan (e.e) are going to be brutally murder by the original FNAF crew and Scott Cawthon :v.

If you think that the review of FNAFHS is the worst that I could do HEHEHE you're still a kid :^).

The animation will be a total derision to Edd00chan and everything that she do and hate's of the serie like her "methods" of "animation" and incestuous ships like marionette x puppet and other shits xD

Watch a preview here (Also in spanish)

3887378_147219510572_4.pngAnd I made 3 live streams animating that shit (Well actually 2 :v ) (This one was a lag test)

Also I want to introduce you our new member on Aled Company: Mr. Fronter

You should check his YT channel too:



Come on just one suscriber more to get the 100 :D




Aw yeah almost forgot I made a few memes :v

3887378_147219598783_Pinchemomazo10.png3887378_147219604261_OTROXD.pngThat's all for now
See ya :V /
[Aled H.]


New YT video

2016-07-23 04:16:25 by Aled1918

Yep the most waited Review of FNAFHS 
Now to wait the sand :v

FNAFHS Review in progress

2016-07-15 01:20:56 by Aled1918

Well yeah I'm progressing in it for this moment enjoy this little sneak peeks (their my personal favourites c: )



Heh Edd00chan fans are gonna hate me c:

New YT video

2016-07-05 23:32:21 by Aled1918


Anouncment of the FNAFHS Review (With this video Andrew W.K. gots money)

Final draw by JAFZ3D